Sydell Weiner, PhD

How Do We Go On

                                      HOW DO WE GO ON It was an outdoor concert for Peace and Love where hundreds of young people gathered.  Suddenly, there was gunfire. People were screaming and running. Terrorists were chasing them down as their […]


The Jewish community is with our people Israel

On October 7th, shook by the news of Israel under attack, I knew I needed community.

Improve Your Relationship with Nonviolent Communication

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If you’re relationship is stuck in a cycle of blame, you can recapture the love you once felt through non-violent communication. By expressing our feelings and needs, we can develop more empathy and improve our relationships.

Surviving Complicated Grief

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The hospital smells of disinfectant, trying to mask the presence of illness and grief. I walk into my husband’s room and give him a hug. I hold on tight, and even though he’s too weak to reciprocate, I relish the familiar touch and feel of his skin. How, I wonder, will I find the strength […]

Unexpected Acts of Kindness

Julie's gift of kindness

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” This quote is getting thousands of “Likes” on Facebook, but are acts of kindness what we practice in our everyday lives? In March of 2002, my husband Rex and I moved to a small fixer upper in Palos Verdes. Our next door neighbor is a […]

Michael B

It was August of 2020, the sixth month of the pandemic. I was kept away from my grandchildren and social distanced from my kids. Every activity that gave my life meaning had been taken away. I was lonely. It was 4 years since my husband died, and I no longer had the distractions to keep […]

I Used to Be Pretty

I used to Be Pretty

I used to be pretty, I mean cheerleader, actress, head-turning pretty. Fortunately, I was also smart. I learned early that it would take more than good looks to make my way in the world. And as much as I’m struggling with aging, it’s harder for women whose identities revolved around their husbands, their children and […]

My Step-Mother’s Funeral

My Step-Mother's Funeral

  I ride to the cemetery with my step-sister’s daughter, a red-headed beauty who always makes me feel included. My step-brother’s daughter is sitting in the back with her husband and they are all sharing memories. Their beloved grandmother passed away 2 days ago, and although though she was 90 years old, it was sudden […]

Strawberries: Childhood Trauma and Eating Disorders

Strawberries were saved for my mother and I never knew why.

I reach for some strawberries as my father unpacks them from his grocery bag. “No, sweetheart,” he says, “we’re saving those for mommy.” I’m 12 or 13, and my mother is sick in bed. My father reassures me that she’ll get well, so I go to my room as he tends to her needs. But […]

Enchanted Collaboration

As a director of theatre, I always appreciated the art of collaboration. Besides working with actors, I worked hard to bring together set, lighting and costume designers. When creative artists are open and feed off each other’s ideas, we do our best work. But at Cal State Dominguez Hills, I actually experienced Enchanted Collaboration. […]