Sydell Weiner, PhD

When Great Souls Die: Mother and Rex

mom in 1945

  Would my life have been different if my mother had lived beyond my 14th year? She was my universe, and I revolved around her like a planet orbiting the sun. It was safe and predictable, and I knew where I belonged. My mother died suddenly, after a five-year illness that was kept secret from […]

My Mother’s Story

My Mother's Story

Losing a mother in childhood leaves many unanswered questions. My mother’s story has been pieced together from faded memories, old photographs and isolated anecdotes. I hope it does justice to the woman I knew for only 14 years.  We are all shaped by our history, and Janet’s was shaped by love. But it was also […]

Mother–Daughter Love

Mother-Daughter Love

Mother-Daughter Love I’m taking my morning walk through the beautiful hills of Palos Verdes, with the ocean spread out before me. If only this majestic landscape could translate into the texture of my life. But I am thinking about my daughter and our recent conversation is circling through my head. In spite of the gorgeous […]